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Step #1 Post your delivery request

   To begin, simply click on “Request A Pick Up,” fill out the required fields, and create your account.

Step #2 Get quotes from vetted delivery providers

Delivery providers in the area will be notified and you will receive prices within minutes.

Step #3 Accept a quote and schedule the job!

Find a delivery provider you like, accept the bid and make payment. Your driver will then contact you through the Herculeze website to confirm delivery time.


                 Average Cost from previous jobs completed:

Retail store delivery is $65
Micro & small moves is $75
Labor only move is $60
Apartment move is $200
Online marketplace delivery is $75
The above averages are based on historical jobs completed.  Generally providers on the Herculeze marketplace will calculate their bid based on time, mileage, complexity, and number of helpers required.


  • Do you want to put yourself in charge?

  • Do you want to earn money toward your truck payment ?

  • Do you want a flexible work schedule?

  • See our driver FAQ



We want to make last mile deliveries and small moves faster and more affordable. That’s why we created the local delivery marketplace, which is a peer-to-peer service that can connect you to local delivery providers within minutes. Request a pickup today!
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Lisa R. via Facebook

Lisa R. via Facebook

"Great service, flexible and affordable! The two young men who came to move the furniture I needed moved were very polite, respectful and hard working. If you need anything moved these are the guys to call. Thanks guys!!"

Lorna F. via Facebook

Lorna F. via Facebook

"Great movers. Prompt, affordable, careful and easy to schedule. They are smart and packing stuff to minimize trips as I has 5 large pieces and they made it in one trip. I find a lot of movers can't figure that out and they can!"

Audrey V. via Facebook

Audrey V. via Facebook

"Prompt; professional; clean; efficient; friendly; great follow up on communicating and working with me to keep costs down. We would definitely chose Herculeze (Mike) for our future moving needs and recommend him to our friends and family. Well done, Mike and Connor!"

Katie M. via Facebook

Katie M. via Facebook

"Great service! Father-son team who are really really nice and polite guys. Great workers and super helpful. To top it off, they're very reasonable priced! I'd absolutely use them again."

Lois P. via Facebook

Lois P. via Facebook

"Thank you Mike, so nice to meet you, and know there is a top notch professional service when needed. Merry Christmas, and thank you again for your fantastic service."

Karen L. via Facebook

Karen L. via Facebook

"I had a terrific experience with Herculeze! They were professional and friendly, did a great job. I will recommend them to everyone I know! 🙂 And I'll be using them again."

Akila N. via Facebook

Akila N. via Facebook

"I was pleasantly surprised by This moving company. They were punctual , fair and courteous. For any future moving needs, I know where to go!! Highly recommended"

Chi-Chang L. via Facebook

Chi-Chang L. via Facebook

"Mike was very helpful and prompt. Will definitely call on them again"

Staci S. via Facebook

Staci S. via Facebook

"Great Company! They have moved a lot of items over the past 6-7 years for me, Mainly items I buy off Craigslist, etc. They are VERY professional and quite affordable even for me as I am on a fixed income. Thank you Herculeze for treating all my jobs as VIP Important even if it’s just picking up a recliner, etc for me!"

Susan N. via Facebook

Susan N. via Facebook

"Herculeze was recommended when I was shopping at Somerset, and purchased a sale piece of furniture I bought. I needed a way to get it home! It was an inexpensive answer to being able to resolve my biggest problem of how to get it home, and who was around to carry it in my home. Wow! They are terrific!"

Jub M. via Facebook

Jub M. via Facebook

"Being a delivery driver for Herculeze has been an amazing experience. The other drivers and extremely friendly and easy to work with. The scheduling is very flexible and the pay makes it all worth it! Join the Herculeze team and thank me later!"


What is On-Demand Delivery?

On-demand delivery has been growing rapidly in popularity in recent years. Whether customers are ordering food, rides, or furniture, there is a constant desire to get on-demand delivery right to your door. With furniture shopping, customers are inconvenienced by long delivery times and high fees to get their items home. Today, anyone who purchases an item at a store wants to bring home that specific item immediately. Herculeze can help with all of your on-demand delivery needs when it comes to moving furniture or other large items. When you’re in need of on-demand delivery, turn to the Herculeze platform to help with the heavy lifting. 

The concept of on-demand delivery allows customers to quickly connect with local delivery drivers and get the service provided to them. Currently, many retailers only offer delivery services that often times will take 2-3 days or more on average. Mostly fitting other deliveries into pre-scheduled routes, rather than at a time that the customer feels is best. No longer do customers have to wait to get their item home for days. With on-demand delivery, customers are able to readily have their items delivered on this same-day basis.

For an on-demand delivery system to work, there needs to be many drivers in a concentrated area. Having a vast amount of drivers ensures that there is someone available for your needs, as well as creating more competition for the market. This allows there to constantly be someone available to do any given job, no matter the time or day, making it on-demand. Being that it is on-demand, it is possible to allow for a more competitive and fair marketplace for the customer and the providers themselves. Factors including time of day, location, weather and available drivers impact the pricing, allowing for more of a flowing marketplace. 

Additionally, Herculeze goes the extra mile with its on-demand delivery service. The Herculeze drivers deliver the customer’s item to the desired location and put it in the room that they want it in. Many store delivery services are just concerned with getting the purchased item inside the front door of the customer’s home, leaving it up to the customer to move the item between the rooms of their home. This can be problematic if the customer is not physically capable of moving the large item him/herself. He/she would then be required to hire a mover on top of the price they may or may not have had to pay for the initial delivery. The Herculeze on-demand delivery service is completely centered around the convenience of the customer, from the time and place of the delivery, to the spot within the delivery location that the customer wants the item.

Contact Us

Before contacting us, be sure to check out our customer and driver FAQs.

Customer FAQ

Q: How does the Herculeze delivery marketplace work?
A: Herculeze is simply a delivery marketplace platform. Customers can freely post delivery requests on the Herculeze marketplace and drivers can freely bid on these deliver requests. Customers may then choose whichever driver they wish to get their requests fulfilled.

Q: How does the bidding process work?
A: Once a job is posted, delivery providers are free to bid whatever price they believe to be reasonable for the job. Customers may then choose whichever price and provider they wish by clicking “Accept Bid”.

Q: I have a question for my driver. How can I communicate with them?
A: Customers can communicate with their provider simply by sending them a message through the delivery marketplace.

Q: How are providers vetted/insured?
A: All providers are vetted through the Herculeze platform and customers are given the option to insure their items. Customers also are protected by the Herculeze Shield.

Q: How does the payment process work?
A: The payment process starts after the customer accepts a bid from a driver.  From there, customers will be automatically directed to PayPal where customers can make the payment. There is no need for a PayPal account to pay your driver. Customers can use a Credit Card, Bank Card, and other various forms of payment. Once the job is completed, the customer MUST go back to the job posting and accept that the job has been completed. This releases the funds to the driver from a holding account.

Q: How long does it take to get a response of bids on my job posting?
A: Response time may vary depending on what the item is and where it might be going, but you can usually expect a bid to be placed soon after it is posted.

Q: How do I accept a bid from a delivery provider?
A: Once customers see a bid that you would like to accept, click on the job posting and then click “Accept Bid.”

Q: Not receiving bids that are in my price range?
A: Give your posting some time, initial bids can sometimes be in the higher price range. However, as more competing bids come in on your posting, you will be sure to get the bids that are closer to your price range. You can also add a suggested price in your posting to give an idea of what you want to pay a driver to do your job for.

Q: How does the Herculeze delivery marketplace work?
A: Herculeze is simply a delivery marketplace platform. Customers post delivery requests on the Herculeze marketplace and drivers can freely bid on these deliver requests. Customers may then choose whichever driver they wish to get their requests fulfilled.

Q: How does the bidding process work?
A: Once a job is posted, delivery providers are free to bid whatever price they believe to be reasonable for the job. Customers may then choose whichever price and provider they wish by clicking “Accept Bid”.

Q: I have a question for my driver. How can I communicate with them?
A: Customers can communicate with their provider simply by sending them a message.

Q: How are providers vetted/insured?
A: Herculeze does vetting of all drivers that are active on the Herculeze marketplace, and provides customers with the choice to insure their items.

Driver FAQ

Q: What is usually required to be a driver on the Herculeze marketplace?
A: Being a driver on the Herculeze marketplace typically requires the following:

  • Having a vehicle that can properly deliver goods to a destination
  • Means of lifting the items you are picking up
  • Willing to have a background check done
  • Setting up a PayPal account and a PayPal Me account
  • Equipment to deliver items safely, such as bungie’s, blankets, and gloves

Q: How do I bid on a job I want to do?
A: Make sure you are logged into your driver account and after doing so, you will be able to bid on any of the jobs you want.

Q: I completed a job, why haven’t my funds been sent to me yet?
A: Your funds haven’t been sent yet because the customer has not yet released the funds, marking the job complete. The customer must do this after a job is complete. But don’t worry, if the customer does not follow through, contact us and we will resolve the issue promptly.

Q: How and where do I sign-up to become a driver?
A: By visiting the “Marketplace” page on the Herculeze website and clicking “Sign Up.” You will have to wait a few to get verified. Once verified, you will be sent an email confirming that you have been verified and will be free to use the marketplace platform.

Q: How do I find jobs that are near me?
A: Under the marketplace, near the top of the page, there will be a filter saying “Show jobs within X mile(s).” Here you can type in the max distance you would want to do a job from your location (Location will be from the address you have under settings to the address the customer lists for the job at the pick-up location).

You can also filter distance by going to “Distance (Your Address to Point A)” under the top ribbon for jobs and clicking the triangle/arrow to get the closest to furthest jobs within your max distance set.

Q: How does the bidding process work?
A: The bidding process works by having a network of drivers that compete with bids on a customers job. Based on the price you bid and your driver profile, the customer will choose which driver they want to go with. Once a bid is accepted, the auction will end and no more bids can be placed from thereon.

Q: I won a job, what do I do now?
A: Once you win the job, get in contact with the customer and set up when the best time would be to do the job.

Q: What should I charge for a job?
A: Before you bid, make sure you have as many details as possible, on top of what the customer has already listed. For example, make sure you know if the item is going up any stairs or check how many people the job will require. This will factor into how much you would want to charge for doing the job.

Q: How do I make my profile more appealing to customers?
A: Add photos of yourself, the vehicle that you do jobs with, as well as a short bio about yourself. This will set you apart from other bidders and give you a better chance of winning the job. The more jobs you do, the more your customer feedback will also increase.

Q: Why don’t I get paid after my bid has been accepted?
A: After the bid is accepted by a customer, the customer pays for the job, where it goes to a holding account. Only after the job is completed is when the customer will release the funds to the driver.