6 Pieces of Ikea Furniture That Can Create the Perfect Home Office Space For You

Written by Alisa Novelli

As thousands of Americans are being asked to work from home due to growing concerns of the Covid-19 virus, it can be a daunting task to set up and create a comfortable office space in your home. 

Ikea has a great selection of furniture and decorative pieces to help you turn a spare room in your house into the perfect office space.


Modern Office Desk

LINNMON / ALEX Table- $109.99

You can’t have an office without a desk. With plenty of surface space and a lot of drawers, this modern desk piece fits perfectly in any home office. 

Desk Chair

MILLBERGET Swivel chair- $69.99

Who said a desk chair couldn’t be both comfortable and stylish? This white desk chair supports your back and provides extra relief with its built in lumbar support. It has a modern feel to it with its white cushioning and black accents. 


SJÖPENNA Table lamp with LED bulb- $19.99

Creating ambient lighting is an important part of an office workspace. Not only is this lamp small enough that it can fit on any desk without being obtrusive, but it also gives off soft light, as opposed to the fluorescent lights in a typical office space. A minimalistic and modern lamp like this one is all you need to get those creative juices flowing in your office home.

Organizing Trays

KVISSLE Letter tray- $19.99

Organization is essential for staying productive. Having trays, bins, or some other kind of file and paper organizer is a great thing to have in your home office. Ikea sells a variety of organizers. Check them out here.


FEJKA Artificial potted plant with pot, indoor/outdoor Succulent, 2 ¼ " 3 pack $4.99/3 pack

Plants add life and color to a workspace. Studies have shown that keeping some green friends in your office space boosts your mood and overall productivity. Ikea sells artificial succulents in a variety of types and sizes. 

Cords and Chargers

KOPPLA 6 outlet power strip with switch, grounded- $5.99/2 piece

You can never have too many outlets, especially with technology being such an integral part of society. You can pick up a 2 piece set from Ikea for only 6 bucks!

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