Uberize Your Large Local Delivery With Herculeze

Use the on-demand local delivery marketplace to have your large items delivered where you need, when you need.

Are you moving to a new home, apartment, or dorm? Do you have a heavy or bulky item that needs to be delivered to the new location? Or did you just make a large purchase?  Herculeze has Uberized the peer-to-peer marketplace for deliveries. The Freelance drivers are standing by to bid on your jobs posted on herculeze.com.

The Fast Track to Delivering Your Items

  1. Create a free account.
  2. Create a new job post .
  3. Wait for bids to roll in.
  4. Accept the driver’s bid you like best.
  5. Let the driver pick up and deliver on the day and time you requested.

Using the job creator, just tell drivers the pick up & drop off location, what the item is, and when you need the delivery done by. The drivers can then do a reverse bid on the job until you accept one of them based on the bid price and driver reviews. You can now relax knowing the item is being delivered fast and at a more competitive rate than other companies. There is now an added feature you can add that will insure the item during the delivery as well. There is nothing to lose!

The Herculeze Difference

Herculeze is determined to create a simple to use peer-to-peer marketplace for local deliveries. Please leave a review or comment on our website or Facebook. We would love to hear how the freelance drivers are doing and get feed back on the process of using our site.

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