A Little bit About the Herculeze Team

Written by: Rachel Spelich

What is Herculeze?

Herculeze is an on-demand delivery service that has been helping customers deliver their products since 2016. We work with the community, in different estate sales, antique shows, furniture stores and everyday customers. For more information about how the marketplace works, check out this blog post.

Currently, the team mainly consists of about 10 interns who have helped the company develop. Helping customers is our passion and the reason why we have been so successful thus far. Our team of interns have been working to build a happy community of customers and drivers. With hard work, especially from our IT team, we have built a marketplace on Herculeze.com to complete several successful deliveries.

Who are the interns?

Zach Darrow

Hi, I’m Zach and I’m a VCT student at Bowling Green State University. VCT stands for Visual Communication Technology and majoring in this has helped me work on marketing and social media for Herculeze. Helping with various promotional features for Herculeze on Facebook and other social media has been something I’ve really enjoyed doing.

Connor Darrow

My name is Connor Darrow and I major in business at Oakland University. At Herculeze, I help manage the interns and work on whatever isn’t finished. Working on our first job for Herculeze after co-founding the company two years ago was one of the most memorable things I’ve done here.

Heather Marra

I’m a marketing major at Oakland University. Right now, I work in social media and marketing for Herculeze and I like being able to be a part of the growth process at Herculeze.

Rachel Spelich

Hello! My name is Rachel Spelich and I’m currently a junior at Michigan State University. I am majoring in marketing at MSU. At Herculeze, I work on social media marketing alongside Heather and Zach. Together we have all worked on a marketing plan and consistently put out content on social media. Making this content and working with Heather and Zach has definitely been my favorite part so far.

Katie Moore

I go to the University of Michigan and I am double majoring in Organizational Studies and Economics. I am a Business Development intern here at Herculeze. My favorite project I’ve worked on at Herculeze has been developing a potential customer contact list to help us grow throughout our market.

Nathalie Tate

I’m Nathalie Tate, and I’m graduating from Oakland University this week with a degree in Computer Science. I’m currently a software developer at Herculeze. My favorite contribution to Herculeze has been our new web marketplace, which I have been working on for about 9 months.

Zach Zweber

I am Zach, and I am majoring in computer science at Oakland University. At Herculeze, I help build the website that houses our marketplace. My favorite contribution was helping out on launch day and seeing all our hard work go live.

Jake McBride

My name is Jake McBride but you can call me Jubby. I am a Junior at Michigan State University studying Supply Chain Management and Entrepreneurship. At Herculeze, I specialize in business development, accounting, and occasionally help out with deliveries. I have been awarded the 2018 Intern of the Year and look forward to watching Herculeze expand throughout Mid-Michigan.

Ryan Tsivitse

My name is Ryan and I go to Michigan State as an International Relations major. At Herculeze, I run business operations. My favorite contribution to Herculeze is when I pitched Herculeze at TechTown last summer.

 Where are we going?

 We are eager to build a team full of helpful and passionate drivers who are ready to help their community members. We want to solve your delivery problems, just by the click of a button on Herculeze.com! If you have any feedback or concerns, please email us at customerservice@herculeze.com.

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