What is On-Demand Delivery?

The concept of on-demand delivery allows customers to quickly connect with local delivery drivers and get the service provided to them. Currently, many retailers only offer delivery services that often times will take 2-3 days or more on average. Mostly fitting other deliveries into pre-scheduled routes, rather than at a time that the customer feels is best. No longer do customers have to wait to get their item home for days. With on-demand delivery, customers are able to readily have their items delivered on this same-day basis.

On-demand delivery has been growing rapidly in popularity in recent years. Whether customers are ordering food, rides, or furniture, there is a constant desire to get on-demand delivery right to your door. With furniture shopping, customers are inconvenienced by long delivery times and high fees to get their items home. Today, anyone who purchases an item at a store wants to bring home that specific item immediately. Herculeze can help with all of your on-demand delivery needs when it comes to moving furniture or other large items. When you’re in need of on-demand delivery, turn to the Herculeze platform to help with the heavy lifting. 

For an on-demand delivery system to work, there needs to be many drivers in a concentrated area. Having a vast amount of drivers ensures that there is someone available for your needs, as well as creating more competition for the market. This allows there to constantly be someone available to do any given job, no matter the time or day, making it on-demand. Being that it is on-demand, it is possible to allow for a more competitive and fair marketplace for the customer and the providers themselves. Factors including time of day, location, weather and available drivers impact the pricing, allowing for more of a flowing marketplace. 

Additionally, Herculeze goes the extra mile with its on-demand delivery service. The Herculeze drivers deliver the customer’s item to the desired location and put it in the room that they want it in. Many store delivery services are just concerned with getting the purchased item inside the front door of the customer’s home, leaving it up to the customer to move the item between the rooms of their home. This can be problematic if the customer is not physically capable of moving the large item him/herself. He/she would then be required to hire a mover on top of the price they may or may not have had to pay for the initial delivery. The Herculeze on-demand delivery service is completely centered around the convenience of the customer, from the time and place of the delivery, to the spot within the delivery location that the customer wants the item.