Costco Delivery Service

Have you ever wondered if Costco has a deliver service for the big and heavy items they sell? Well, with the help of Herculeze you can have your large purchase items delivered hands-free. Delivering furniture from Costco is now available at your convenience. No longer do you have to scramble to find a delivery service. Now you can get it delivered on the same day by going to the Herculeze marketplace platform and posting your request.


Are there any requirements?

With Herculeze you have have any item delivered regardless of its size. Anything from a heavy china cabinet to a large four piece sectional. All that’s required is a general estimate of the size and weight of the item itself and where it is going to and from. This is what guarantees you get your item delivered for the agreed upon price between you and the driver.

What are the benefits?

The benefits of using Herculeze are clear. For one thing, there is no need to waste the time and money on renting a truck. You can also protect yourself from injuries related to lifting heavy items. Moving furniture can be a dangerous ordeal if you do not know what you’re doing. Leave it to the drivers on Herculeze who have experience in moving and delivery to lift these large and heavy items you purchase at Costco. 

Using this platform also allows you to save money on delivery because you can pick from quotes from multiple local drivers. You are sure to get the lowest price using the Herculeze marketplace. 


Still want to know more about how Herculeze works?

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