Delivery Logistics Platform

What is that? 

The Herculeze marketplace is a delivery logistics platform that people who need last mile delivery of large of heavy items can use. Our marketplace makes it easier than to find delivery professionals at the lowest price. Drivers on the delivery logistics platform are able to load, deliver, and unload your items so you do not have to lift a finger.

This is an online place for customers to get the necessary help to move their big and heavy items. As a peer to peer delivery logistics platform, Herculeze connects you to nearby delivery drivers instantly. All you have to do is post a request.

Why should I use this delivery logistics platform?

The beauty of this platform is that it is all at the customers convenience. You are able to schedule the job for exactly when you need it completed. It also allows you to pick the best price and the driver that suits your needs to complete the job.

No longer will you have to call around all day to find the best price for a moving service, with the Herculeze marketplace you can see a range of offered prices all in one place. You even have the option to counter-offer a price.

Want to use this platform, but you’re still confused? 

Check out our blog post: How to Use Herculeze!

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