Drivers perform Local Delivery services through the Herculeze Marketplace

Why should you sign-up to perform local delivery services through the Herculeze Marketplace?

At Herculeze, we have a goal to build a community of drivers, to perform local delivery services, who love their job. With several referral programs, rewards for drivers and more programs soon coming, we couldn’t be more excited to have you join the Herculeze Marketplace! Because of a flexible schedule, Herculeze is a great second income for a driver looking for cash to pay off bills, have extra spending money or even build up their savings account.

How would my pay work?

We are based in the metro Detroit area and this is primarily where deliveries will be focused to start. Customers will post job details on the marketplace including pictures and other details of the items that need moving. Drivers then have the option to place bids on these items based on how much they think is appropriate based on the job details. As a driver, you decide how much you think your work is worth. Then it is up to the customer to pick the bid and driver they feel works best for them. A delivery can range from various amounts, with the average job being $60.

Once a driver completes their job, 70% of profits goes to the driver, 30% goes to Herculeze so we can continue to promote and develop the marketplace. If you do have a friend help you on the job, it’s recommended you share your profits with them. That way you’ll have a friend that will want to help you on your next job.

What does a provider need?

  • A vehicle (pick-up / SUV / van / small box truck)
  • Driver’s license
  • Smartphone
  • Ability to lift items
  • Friend or helper (for some jobs)
  • Bungees, straps, and blankets

Benefits of driving?

  • Flexible schedule
  • Get paid fast
  • Local pick-up and delivery
  • Be your own boss
  • Choose from jobs that are best suited for you
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