Everything You Need to Know: Selling Used Furniture

Often, selling furniture is a hassle that no one looks forward to. It requires time, patience, heavy lifting, and much more to get the item sold and delivered to the next owner. Also, there is no one singular way to move furniture. You have to choose from an array of options. You can post it on a website or social media platform, contact friends, recycle it, sell it to a consignment store, etc. This makes selling old furniture even harder because no one knows which way is going to be the absolute best option. We have provided four of the easiest and most efficient ways to sell your used furniture, and explained how the Herculeze marketplace can help with all of your hauling needs.


The Letgo website is a great way to sell your furniture easily and locally. It connects you with other people in your area and allows you to post your item without any fees or hidden costs. It is super easy and quick to post on their site, and ultimately you don’t have to worry about moving the item very far because you are selling it locally.

Facebook Marketplace

Selling your items in the marketplace option on Facebook is an effective and easy way to sell your items while also choosing the area that you are trying to sell to. Facebook provides an option to narrow or widen the desired area. To post the used piece of furniture, you just have to include a picture, description, and a selected price of the item.

Consignment Stores

This isn’t as common as other apps and websites nowadays, but selling your items to consignment shops can be a great way to get rid of your old furniture. Consignment stores normally give you a great price for your used furniture. Also, it is nice knowing that your things will go to a new owner that will put it to good use.

Garage or Estate Sale

Hosting a garage sale or an estate sale is a great way to sell many items in a short period of time. Also, it is a great way to connect with others in your community who you might not normally see or communicate with very often. You can also make your garage sale or estate sale fun for everyone who comes, and in return make more of a profit! For example, you can sell snacks, lemonade, or other treats to please customers and raise more money.

How Can Herculeze Help? 

With all of these different ways to get rid of used furniture, you are probably wondering how to move it when you actually sell it. You should turn to the Herculeze on-demand delivery marketplace. Posting a job is simple and you are connected with vetted drivers that will move the item safely, efficiently, and at a great cost. Next time you are selling furniture or another large item, post it on our website and avoid the heavy lifting. There are only five easy steps to use Herculeze, so why wait? Sign up today, post a job, and see why Herculeze can haul what you can’t.

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