Schedule a job for your Costco purchases


Is there Costco furniture delivery? The simple answer is no. However, with the help of Herculeze, you can now deliver your items purchased from Costco hands-free. Costco furniture delivery is now available at your convenience. No longer do you have to scramble to find a delivery service. Now you can get it delivered on the same day by going to the Herculeze marketplace platform and posting your request.

What are the requirements?

There are really no kind of requirements to qualify for a Costco furniture delivery from Herculeze. Furniture can be delivered no matter the size. Anything from a heavy china cabinet to a large four piece sectional couch. All that’s required is a rough estimate of the size and weight of the furniture itself and where it is going to and from. This is what guarantees you to get your furniture delivered for the agreed upon price between you and the driver.

Rewards for using Herculeze?

There are lots of redeeming values for using Herculeze for your Costco furniture delivery. With the busyness of wholesale stores, it can be a hectic and stressful environment to get all things prepared for your item. Knowing when and how your item will be delivered eliminates a sizable burden off of you and allows for movers who will safely deliver your item in a timely, seamless matter.

How does it all work?