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Delivery Logistics Platform

Post a job on the Herculeze marketplace to get the job done

What is Herculeze?

Herculeze marketplace is a delivery logistics platform used by people who need last mile delivery of furniture and other large items. Our marketplace platform makes it easier than ever to get delivery professionals and at a low price. Drivers can load, deliver, and unload your items. Herculeze is for customers who are looking for a delivery logistics platform that is low cost when it comes to local delivery.

What is a delivery logistics platform?

A delivery logistics platform is a place for customers to get help for their delivery needs online. Herculeze is just that and the new way of getting stuff home. As a peer to peer delivery logistics platform, Herculeze connects you to local delivery providers within minutes. Typically each Herculeze job involves two guys and a pickup truck to help move whatever is required.

What is the benefit?

The beauty of this peer to peer delivery logistics platform is that customers are able to schedule times that are best for them and are assured the best price for their request. Since this is a peer to peer delivery logistics platform, drivers located in the vicinity of the job provide quotes competitively against one and other, getting you the best price. No more do you have to go through the hassle of calling multiple different moving companies for quotes because all of them are already conveniently on the Herculeze marketplace.

How does it all work?