Post a job on the Herculeze marketplace today for on demand delivery

Taxi for moving

The best way to understand Herculeze is like a taxi for delivery and moving. Similar to Ride-Hailing, it is a peer to peer platform for people to use. All drivers on the Herculeze marketplace are third party delivery providers. Providers on the Herculeze marketplace are ready to take on any delivery challenge. Drivers are best suited for moving large and heavy items. Requesting one of these drivers is fast and easy. Just sign up and fill out the required fields. From there you will be connected with drivers in your area.

How do I know if my driver will arrive on time? 

Setting up on the Herculeze Marketplace is simple. Being able to listanything from a heavy china cabinet to a large four piece sectional couch. Setting a time required when the job needs to be done is easy and makes the drivers aware of how you’d like your job to be completed. Payments are held within a holding account so your payment is safe and that your driver will arrive at the task you have assigned in timely fashion. 

Advancement of Mobility?

With the direction of society, having to downsize and simplify is key.  The ability to have a reliable carrier at your fingertips from a smartphone or website is a fast and easy way to move from place to place. “Ride-Hailing” as it’s called, shows that more things are becoming capable for moving place to place. With the Herculeze marketplace, it’s now possible to leave it to the drivers on Herculeze who have experience in moving and delivery to lift these large and heavy furniture pieces. Also, since Herculeze is like an taxi for delivery and moving.

How does it all work?