Schedule a truck with movers on the Herculeze marketplace

Home Depot or Herculeze?

After using Herculeze you will never need to rent a truck from Home Depot again. Posting a job will connect you with drivers in your immediate area that can load, deliver, and unload your items at a low cost. Drivers come prepared, bringing the right amount of man-power with the vehicle size you need for any given delivery. Home Depot truck rental can be costly and a big hassle. The worst part being that you still have to do the delivery yourself. Using Herculeze can save you that hassle and at a low cost.

Why Herculeze is a simpler process than Home Depot rentals

Home Depot truck rental can be an effective way to move items. However, after all the added costs and time needed for renting a truck, using a Herculeze provider is simpler and more cost efficient for you, the customer.  Setting up a job can be done while at the comfort of your own home, while setting up a Home Depot rental requires having to go to the store and going through numerous processes and papers to rent the truck.

Why renting a truck isn’t practical?

Renting a truck on paper seems like a good idea. Being able to drive and handle your own items. However, when using Home Depot truck rental you aren’t supplied with the proper tools and items to ensure your item is being moved safely. This is a cost that can add up. Also, the time it takes to rent the truck and worry about all the minimums is confusing when all you want to do is move an item. 

How does it all work?