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What is Peer to Peer?

The concept of peer-to-peer is becoming more popular in many different industries as time goes on. The moving and delivery industry is one of them. Traditional moving services are becoming a thing of the past. With their minimums and high hourly rate, customers are starting to see the privileges of using peer to peer services for delivery and moving.

How does Herculeze fit in?

Herculeze fits in with the Peer to Peer marketplace with the ability to allow vast amounts of companies and movers to allow for a competitive marketplace for everyone. People can pick and choose the jobs they want to do, allowing for readiness of any situation.  With an abundance of drivers, you’re sure to get someone who can handle your items with care and easy at the price you would enjoy.

What is the advantage of P2P?

Benefits of using P2P services like Herculeze are clear. With using a Peer to Peer pricing, customers and the drivers allow for more competitive prices, due to less factors being added into the cost compared to traditional methods. Generally, it is cheaper, faster and more flexible with your schedule. 

How does it all work?