Herculeze can help deliver your new furniture to your home!

By: Ryan Tsivitse
Whether you are buying a new couch, dresser, mattress, desk, or some other piece of furniture, Herculeze can help get it home at an affordable price! Pickup truck and muscle can be provided whenever and wherever it is needed.

Herculeze helps save people valuable time and money

We here at Herculeze pride ourselves on providing you with convenient access to a truck and muscle. Rather than having to call a friend with a truck or renting a truck, customers who use Herculeze can get their furniture moved into their home at a great price.

Herculeze delivers, whenever and wherever help is needed

Often times furniture need to be moved on short notice. We understand people do not want to wait on moving companies who take days or even weeks to fulfill their requests. With Herculeze, you are sure to get a price soon after posting to the marketplace. You are also able to set the time you would like the job done.

Herculeze drivers go the distance

Whether the furniture needs to be delivered across town, or a few cities away, drivers are willing to help deliver your goods at a reasonable price.

Affordable prices, with multiple options to choose from

There is no minimum price for any delivery, meaning drivers set their own prices, and you are given the option to choose whatever price or driver you like best. You can also communicate directly with the driver to make sure all your needs will be met.

No task too big, no job too small

Whether you need a mattress taken down the street, or need help moving lots of funiture, drivers using the Herculeze platform are willing to help out! With truck and muscle that is ready to be put to use, drivers are always willing to help you get the job done!

Using the Herculeze marketplace is easy! Just signup and click ‘New Job’ to get started, and your furniture can get moved today!




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