Herculeze: Helping with Your Costco Purchases

Many people have taken a trip to Costco or other store looking for the perfect piece of furniture or appliance, and you miraculously find it. However, after ringing it up with the cashier and being ready to take it home, you realize you have no clue how to get this large item from the store to its desired location. Herculeze is here to help do the heavy lifting.

What is Herculeze?

Herculeze is a peer-to-peer on demand delivery marketplace that connects customers with third-party drivers in their area. It is an easy and efficient way to get on-demand delivery service from available drivers. In order to use Herculeze, all you have to do is create a free account, post the job, and accept a bid from an available driver.

Benefits of Herculeze

One of the features of Herculeze that makes it so unique is that customers are able to choose their optimal price. Once drivers bid on the posted job, the customer can accept the proposed price or counter-offer the bid with their desired price. This ensures that the customer will get the best deal possible.

These drivers perform same day deliveries and can help with all of the large, bulky items that our customers purchase or need to be moved to a different location. No item is too large, and our drivers are equipped with the right man-power and tools to get the job done.

How do I start Using Herculeze?

Next time you purchase a large, bulky item and have no means to get it home, think of Herculeze and get your delivery job done efficiently and affordably. If you are eager to start using Herculeze, then visit our website today and follow the five easy steps to get on-demand delivery. Request a pick up today and let Herculeze haul what you can’t!

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