Herculeze summer interns leave their mark at OU Inc.

Written by: Rachel Spelich

Edited by: Heather Marra

After almost four months working at Herculeze, it’s time for our interns to head back to their respective universities and start up school again. With interns from Michigan State, University of Michigan, Oakland University and Bowling Green State, everyone is excited to go back to their stomping grounds.

We wish the best of luck to our interns who will be graduating this year, and those who have a few more years until graduation day. Working with Herculeze was an important step in all of our professional, and school lives, as we learned so many different skills working here.

Each month, we had to handle different challenges, like the launch of Herculeze.com, how to give life to our new OU Inc. office and how to build a team in a short amount of time. Through new bonds, (and laughs) we managed to create a marketplace that we’re proud of. Of course, more work has to be done, but what we’re leaving behind at Herculeze is something I know that every intern is proud of.

Our Business Development team consisted of Katie Moore and Jake McBride, who worked with retailers and estate sales to flourish the name of Herculeze. They also worked on analytics of Herculeze.com and made several organized documents relating to all of their tasks. If we didn’t have Katie and Jake, Herculeze would not have as much business as we do, hence the name of Business Development!

Nathalie Tate and Zach Zweber both tackled the IT aspects of Herculeze.com. Working up to our new websites launch, they consistently worked on creating the best possible website, and even after the launch, they were constantly listening to the team on what had to be fixed. Nathalie especially has written down numerous notes of issues she’s had to fix. Without our IT team, Herculeze.com would never be possible.

As for our marketing team, we had myself, Rachel Spelich, Heather Marra and Zach Darrow working together. Through blog posts, social media posts, discovering important marketing tools to progress Herculeze and learning how Google AdWords works, we slowly got the community talking about Herculeze. Marketing is something that is extremely significant to the success of Herculeze, and we are all proud of everything we’ve contributed.

Ryan Tsivitse and Connor Darrow kept an eye over the entire team working over in Business Operations. They made sure that everyone was working on their respective jobs, while also getting the Herculeze name out there. After countless Craiglist ads, discussions on what should and should not be posted, Herculeze final decisions were left to these two. With their input and decision-making skills, they produced a Herculeze message that is professional and something to be proud of.

Through countless deliveries, K-cup purchases, phone calls, website maintenance and Staples trips, we leave Herculeze.com to the next set of interns, who we know will help the company develop even further than what it has already.

 Thank you for coming with us on this journey, and we hope that you stick with us through the coming years.


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