Herculeze: Uber for Delivery and Moving

With such a fast-paced economy, it is important to find on-demand, quality services. Companies like Uber have revolutionized markets, and Herculeze is changing the market for on-demand delivery with its unique peer to peer moving platform. 

Uber for Moving? 

Herculeze is similar to Uber because it provides a peer to peer marketplace for customers to connect to third party delivery providers. This makes the process of delivery easier and more accessible because customers can schedule pick-up and drop off times according to what works best for their schedule and the driver’s. Finding a driver that suits your needs is quick and easy. 

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Limitless Possibilities

With the delivery providers on the Herculeze marketplace, the possibilities are limitless. Furniture and other large items can be delivered no matter the size. All you have to do is make sure to post a rough estimate of the size and weight of the item. Also, include the pick-up and drop-off locations of your delivery. 


Now that we have outlined what Herculeze is and how it works, you are most likely wondering how much does this all cost? After posting a job, drivers in your area will post their bids on the job, and the beauty of this is that you can decide which price and driver is most suitable to your needs. This ensures that our customers are getting the most affordable price. 


Herculeze provides countless benefits for our customers. Primarily, our customers avoid wasting the money and time of renting a truck. It prevents the danger and risk of injury associated with moving furniture by yourself. Also, Herculeze provides flexibility for our customers. Customers and third-party delivery drivers can determine the best possible time for pick up and delivery according to their respective schedules. 

How to Use the Herculeze Platform in 5 Easy Steps

  1. Create a free account on our marketplace 
  2. Post the job with all of the information about the item you want delivered. (Provide the estimated dimensions and weight of item, and the pickup/delivery location & time).
  3. Get free quotes from available drivers in your area.
  4. Pick the driver that best suits your needs based on their profile and offered price or counter-offer the quotes from drivers.
  5. Accept the bid, relax, and let our drivers do the work!

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