How Herculeze Can Help With College Move-In Day

Summer is nearly half-way over and college move-in day is right around the corner. Between buying dorm/apartment necessities and figuring out class schedules, there is little time to waste in preparing for the approaching school year. Once all of the preparations are made, everything is shoved into a small car, carried up numerous flights of stairs, and finally assembled in the dorm, apartment, or house. Herculeze can take care of the moving, hauling, and assembly of all of your large items so that you don’t have to!

What is Herculeze?

Herculeze is an on-demand delivery marketplace that connects our customers in need of furniture delivery with vetted third-party drivers that can get the job done. These drivers are equipped with the man-power and tools to safely move your items, take them upstairs or downstairs, and assemble or disassemble them. The best way to explain Herculeze is that it is similar to an Uber platform, but for delivery of furniture and large appliances. 

UBER® is a registered trademark of Uber Technologies, Inc. The use of third-party trademarks, locations, or registered trademarks does not imply any affiliation with or endorsement by such third-party.

What are the Costs?

The Herculeze platform is unique because it offers a reverse auction so that the customer can choose among various proposed prices and get the lowest possible one. Once your job is posted, drivers start bidding on the job depending on how much they want in payment. Then, the customer may choose the driver with the lowest price that suits their needs best. With Herculeze, the customer chooses the price! This is perfect for college move-in because it is affordable and efficient. The chaos and busyness during this time of year can be made less hectic with the help of the Herculeze platform.

How Do I Get Started?

Visit our website and make a free account today. With college move-in dates approaching, the Herculeze marketplace can help do the heavy lifting. Follow the five easy steps on how to use Herculeze so you can post your job, get free quotes from vetted drivers, and get your items delivered quickly and efficiently!

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