How to Use Facebook Marketplace with Herculeze

Written by Alisa Novelli

You’re scrolling through the Facebook Marketplace when something catches your eye. There it is- the perfect sectional you’ve always been dreaming of pops up on your laptop screen. You’re so thrilled that you purchase it right away, but then you think to yourself, “how the heck am I going to get this home”?

That’s where Herculeze steps in! We’re your local furniture delivery service. We’ve got the truck and muscle to lend a hand. The Facebook Marketplace works the same way with Herculeze as any of our other hauling services. You do the purchasing, we do the lifting and delivering. 

Keep reading to find out how easy it is to get your newly purchased furniture delivered right to your door!


Once you purchase an item from the Facebook Marketplace, you’ll need to know the location of where the seller is holding your item. 

Log onto Herculeze as a customer and fill out the pick-up location provided by the Facebook Marketplace seller in address line 1. 

Customer view

Once you’ve completed filling out all required fields and submit the request, the rest is in the hands of Herculeze. 

You will be connected with local delivery drivers ready to haul your item for you. These drivers will provide actual cost bids (no hidden fees). From here you will have to chance to accept a bid and connect with your driver. Once scheduled with your driver, he or she will be ready to provide hauling services!

**Remember to inform the Facebook Marketplace seller that, Herculeze, a local pickup and delivery service, will retrieve your newly purchased item.**

Herculeze is not associated with, nor sponsored by, Facebook Marketplace.

Alisa Novelli

Alisa Novelli is the Marketing and Social Media Intern for Herculeze.

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