Keep On Trucking: Ways You Can Keep Your Truck in Top Condition

Written by Alisa Novelli 

Trucks are the modern day work horses. As such, they need the proper care and attention to keep them running smoothly all year round. Much like a horse, a truck needs proper food (fuel), annual checkups to the vet (inspections), and even a change of horse shoes (tires). 

In order to ensure a long and prosperous life of your beloved truck, here are some tips to keeping your trusty steed in top shape.


This is a simple process that only takes moments to do and is crucial to the longevity of your truck’s life. Oil works as a lubricant to keep all the moving pieces working together properly. If left unchecked, unnecessary wear and tear occurs from the friction, creating damage to your truck and to your wallet.

2.) Rotate those Tires

According to J. Postles Tire Barn, rotating your tires allows for a more even tread wear pattern on your tires. A good rule of thumb is to rotate your tires when you go in for an oil change. If you’re hauling or transporting large and bulky items frequently, more wear and tear will occur on those rear wheels. 

Get your tires rotated to ensure maximum use and stability of your truck’s tires. 

3.) Check your Fluid Levels

Speaking of oil changes, it’s important to make sure that all of your truck’s fluid levels are up. You can check the oil itself to make sure it’s not dirty or smells like gasoline. If it is, you’re due for an oil change. Next, check your engine. Checking the engine oil can save you time and money. Always check the coolant, as well. According to Christian Brothers Automotive, engines create a lot of heat when in use and the cooling system and exhaust system’s job is to keep it cool. Lastly, keep the windshield wiper fluid stocked. Whether you’re dealing with rain, ice, dirt, and everything in between, having a clear view of the road in front of you is important. 

4.) Go in For an Inspection

If anyone knows trucks, it’s your local automotive technician. He/she knows what to look for and can find even the smallest things that you might have never noticed. Bring in your  truck for an inspection to make sure everything is running smoothly and efficiently. 

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