Local Delivery Near Me

Need a Delivery Service in Your Area?

Look no further, because Herculeze has got you covered. Simply drop a request on our marketplace by clicking request a pick up and provide basic information about your item. Within minutes local drivers will place bids on your item that you can accept of counter.

Still confused about how to use the platform? We got you covered! Check out our blog post How to Use for step-by-step instructions on how to post a job. 

Where is Herculeze Located?

Herculeze has drivers all over the state of Michigan as well as a few hundred drivers in the Miami area. But don’t worry, Herculeze is constantly trying to add new markets. Our newest market will be opening in Charlotte, North Carolina very soon. Have a suggestion on another city we should expand too? Feel free to drop a request in the comments. 

What are my Delivery Options?

The beauty of using the Herculeze platform is it is a Peer to Peer delivery service that allows you to pick from a variety of local driver. You can chose the price and driver that best suites your needs. 

Herculeze also allows you to pick exactly when you need your item to be delivered. It is totally on demand!

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