Need to Get an Item Home From an Estate Sale? Herculeze can Deliver Today!

Founded in 2016, Herculeze has been delivering purchases from estate sales to customers’ homes ever since. We understand that you do not want to spend all day hunting down a moving company and getting outrageous quotes.

Herculeze makes the process simple. All that customers need to do is post a request on the Herculeze marketplace, and they will receive several quotes to choose from within minutes.

We realize that the brand new couch you just bought probably does not fit in your car, and you probably do not want to spend all day searching for a U-Haul pickup.

Estate sale companies love Herculeze because it increases the amount of goods that are sold at their sales, and frees them of the hassle of searching for someone who can deliver.

That’s why we connect you directly to a local delivery provider who can respond to your delivery needs within minutes. These providers come prepared for the job, with truck, muscle, and any other equipment that is requested.

So next time you find yourself at an estate sale and wanting that new credenza that won’t fit in your car, just use Herculeze.

Herculeze providers are sure to get your new purchases delivered home and at a great price.

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