Who’s a part of our delivery marketplace?

Interviewed and written by: Rachel Spelich

Jake McBride starting making deliveries through our delivery marketplace as soon as it launched. He makes extra cash working with us while also working another job, both take up his time, but he sticks to both jobs because he knows how beneficial it is in the end.

Take it from Jake, working with Herculeze is definitely worth a shot, so why not give it a try? 



Why did you want to join Herculeze?

I joined the Herculeze delivery marketplace as a driver to earn extra income on the side. With the ability to bid on as many jobs as you want, and whenever you want, your schedule is entirely up to you

Take into consideration the amount of gas and time you’ve spent working with us. Would you say it’s been worth it and why?


Yes, it has been extremely worth it. Most jobs require two drivers, so the gas cost can easily be split and the jobs aren’t too far from my house. The pay of each job is also around $60 per hour which is more than enough to cover the cost of gas.


How many jobs have you completed and when did you start working with us?

I started doing deliveries with Herculeze at the beginning of 2018 summer. I have been on numerous jobs, if I had to guess, probably 12, each one being a new and exciting adventure.

Favorite thing you’ve moved?

My favorite item I had delivered with Herculeze was a couch from Salvation Army to a remodeled lighthouse-house on Lake Orion. This house was beautiful and every wall was curved, which presented an interesting moving challenge to those of us on the job.


How does Herculeze fit into your daily schedule? Do you also work another job?

Herculeze delivery fits perfectly into my daily schedule. Being a driver, you have the responsibility to work whenever you choose. I work at WestWynd Golf Course and often bid on several jobs in my free time to earn extra income.

Persuade me in one sentence why I should sign up on the marketplace as a driver.

Fast, Easy, Affordable.


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