Welcome to Your Local On-Demand Delivery Marketplace

What’s the Herculeze local on-demand delivery marketplace?

The on-demand delivery marketplace is our way of connecting drivers with customers. We want to give you the best experience possible when dealing with delivery, and the best way to do this is through the marketplace. So, let’s start learning about how it works!

To start sign up online and make an account. Whether you want to become a driver or a customer, you can create an account for either on Herculeze.com.

For customers…

After creating an account on Herculeze.com, take pictures of whatever item you need transported and post the pictures on our marketplace to start the auction process. Once you post the pictures and fill out information on your auction, drivers will start to bid on a price for the delivery.

Once bidding is closed, you now have to go in and choose what driver you would like to do the delivery. Do you prefer the new driver with a few reviews, but a cheap price or a well-reviewed driver, but at a higher price? The decision is completely up to you!

After you’ve picked the bid you’re happy with the driver will communicate with you to set up the delivery date and time. Once the driver has completed the job make sure you log back onto Herculeze.com to mark the job as complete. Once you check this button, your provider will be paid.

For Drivers…

As soon as you sign-up and are approved, you’re able to start finding jobs that would work with your schedule. Take a look at our on-demand delivery marketplace and look for items that you want to transport and place a bid. After the auction ends, check to see if you won the job and, if so, then contact the customer to schedule the date and time for the delivery. Once you completed the delivery make sure to remind the customer to mark the job as “complete” on Herculeze.com.

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