Our top five tips to help you become the best Herculeze driver!

Written by: Rachel Spelich

Edited by: Heather Marra

Not getting as many jobs in the Herculeze marketplace as you would like? Struggling to build a professional profile? Think your pickup truck is ready for any type of job?

Here’s some tips to help you develop your experience as a Herculeze delivery driver.


  1. Update your online profile.

By adding a photo of yourself and several photos of your vehicle you will develop a sense of trust with customers.

Once they see photo proof that you’re a real person and have a reliable car, you’re more likely to receive more jobs because of this trust.


  1. If you need someone to help you with a job, try to stick with one other person.

If your customer is a widowed older woman for example, chances are she’s already cautious of having a stranger know her address. Be polite, show manners, don’t say anything uncalled for and make sure you’re not overwhelming her with a group of people.

If you bring several friends, chances are she won’t be comfortable and may even cancel the job.


  1. Purchase chords and blankets specifically for deliveries.

If you have the equipment for deliveries, and establish this in your profile, you are immediately a more reliable driver. Customers want someone who is prepared for the job, and by investing in the right tools, you’ll be doing yourself a favor.

Taking the time to go online and learn how to correctly use these tools is also a skill that will be beneficial.


  1. Know your limits.

Know how much weight you can lift and what you can complete by yourself and what you can complete with a friend. If you know what you’re capable of you are at a lower risk of a bad review.

You don’t want to ruin your profile because you realized a cabinet was too heavy for yourself. Be smart with your bids, and always keep your body in mind.


  1. Be prepared for any type of job.

Sometimes jobs don’t go as smoothly as anyone would like. Make sure you get the Bill of Lading signed to ensure your work.

Plan ahead when you schedule jobs and make sure you leave extra time in case the customer wants you to deliver more items. If a customer does want to add on items to the delivery, get another Bill of Lading signed to ensure the extra work.


Good luck!

If you have any question please email us at customerservice@herculeze.com.


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