Own a pickup truck? Here’s how to turn your pickup truck into a cash generator!

By: Ryan Tsivitse

Own a pickup truck and looking for a new source of income? Look no further.

Herculeze gives pickup truck drivers a great opportunity to serve their community and turn their truck into a cash machine!

All that is needed is a pickup truck and some muscle that can be use to deliver large and heavy goods locally.

It does not matter if you have no experience, or have never made deliveries before.

The Herculeze marketplace allows you to respond directly to delivery requests made by customers on the Herculeze website.

Customers often need a truck or some muscle to get furniture, appliances, and other large items delivered home.

Whether you own a 2009 Ford F-150, 2007 Chevrolet Silverado, or 2012 GMC Sierra, you can get jobs on Herculeze today!

Pickup truck drivers can set their own prices and hours

Drivers can work whenever they want, and for whatever price they want.

Herculeze uses a reverse auction marketplace pricing,  which means drivers set their own prices, and customers choose which one they like best.

For example, if a customer needed a couch delivered across town, one driver may bid $90. Another may bid lower at $75.

Pickup truck drivers can build their own profile

Drivers can build their profile, and include pictures, years of experience, equipment (blankets, bungees), and whatever else they want to show customers.

The Herculeze marketplace is free and easy to use

Sign up today and you will be free to bid on whatever requests you want. All you need is a will to help others.








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