Preparing For Your New Purchase to Come Home

Everyone loves the feeling of a new large purchase coming home and being able to use it for the first time.

It is an amazing moment that pulls your room together, adds a little change, or just gives more seating to your space.

While waiting on the your furniture to arrive, there are some little things to think about before bringing it inside.

1-Measure. While this is most likely done before even purchasing the item, double check that it will fit nicely in its new home. You should also measure the surrounding door ways and entrances to the house to see the best way to bring it inside without damaging anything.

2-Remove the old furniture. Clear out that old couch, remove the worn out desk, or donate the used dresser. Do not wait to remove the old item until the new one comes. It will just make it more difficult to get rid of the furniture and move around it.

3-Clean up other clutter. Don’t leave a mess around the area that the delivery people will have to walk through. Make a clear path for them to move through and help make the process a little smoother. Leaving things on the floor or in their way could hurt the workers, the furniture, or the home itself.

4-Once the delivery arrives, double check for any issues or damages. While all delivery people take care of your items, it is not impossible that there might have been a scratch or dent in transit. Make sure you spot the issue while the drivers have it and not days later.

Furniture delivery drivers are here to make our lives a little easier. We want to make sure we can help them do their job fast and easily.

Once placed in the home, relax and sit back to enjoy it!

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