Summer: It’s Almost Garage Sale Season!

As the weather is finally getting warmer, more and more garage and estate sales are popping up. Herculeze is your go-to for any delivery needs for large pieces of furniture or appliances.

If you find yourself wanting to purchase a large item at a garage or estate sale, but have no way of getting it home, then Herculeze is the place to go. Within minutes, you can create an account and get a free quote from drivers in your area to haul what you can’t.

When you are at a garage or estate sale, spotting various pieces of furniture or other items that you like, but you don’t have the muscle or transportation to get it home, visit our website and follow these 5 easy steps:

  1. Create a free account on our marketplaceĀ 
  2. Post the job with all of the information about the item you want delivered. (Provide the estimated dimensions and weight of item, and the pickup/delivery location & time).
  3. Get free quotes from available drivers in your area.
  4. Pick the driver that best suits your needs based on their profile and offered price or counter-offer the quotes from drivers.
  5. Accept the bid, relax, and let our drivers do the work!

Herculeze is a family-owned business focused on the customer’s needs and providing the best possible service in an easy and effective way. The Herculeze marketplace was created to connect people in need of delivery services to drivers in their area at a competitive and affordable price. We do not charge based on time or distance traveled, like other companies, but rather we let the customer and driver negotiate a specific price. We also let customers dictate the time they want the job done. Think of Herculeze when at garage sales or estate sales this summer so we can help deliver your items to their new home.

Herculeze: We Haul What You Can’t!

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