Take Herculeze on your Next Furniture Shopping Spree!

Herculeze is here to help with all of the heavy lifting. The next time you’re heading to your local furniture store, antique store, mattress store, etc. think of Herculeze. Instead of asking a friend to use their truck, lugging your heavy items home yourself, or using an expensive delivery service, just go to the Herculeze marketplace and get your large, bulky items moved to their desired location at a great price. Using Herculeze is simple, fast, easy, and affordable.

What is Herculeze? 

Herculeze is an on-demand delivery marketplace where customers in need of furniture delivery can connect with vetted drivers in their area who can get the job done quickly and efficiently. These drivers are equipped with the right tools and man power to haul all of your large furniture or appliances, and get them to the desired destination. You just have to post the job and drivers will bid competitively on the job in an instant. There are only five simple steps needed to use Herculeze and get your items home. 

How Can Herculeze Help?

When you are buying your furniture, sometimes getting your purchases home can be inconvenient and hazardous. Herculeze provides a marketplace where you can connect with vetted drivers that do the heavy lifting for you. Instead of trying to move your large or bulky item by yourself, post the delivery job on the Herculeze platform and let Herculeze do the heavy lifting.

What are the Costs?

The Herculeze marketplace ensures that our customers get the best possible price by using a reverse auction system. This means that drivers can bid on delivery jobs with their proposed price, then other drivers can compete and post a quote with a lower price. Customers can choose among various quotes from different drivers and choose the lowest proposed price. This helps customers make sure they’re getting the best deal. With Herculeze, the customer chooses the price!

With Herculeze, moving large items is made simple. Follow the five easy steps of posting your job on our website and let the Herculeze drivers haul what you can’t!

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