Truck Rental vs Using Herculeze

Written by: Rachel Spelich

Why should you use our on-demand delivery service and not a truck rental service through another company?

Well, the first issue with using a truck rental service is that you will be doing the moving yourself. If you’re moving anything that’s fragile but large, you’re in a tough situation. You will have to gather blankets and bungee straps to secure the item you’re delivering. Why bother with that when Herculeze drivers have the right supplies and the muscle?

Truck rental can also tough depending on the job you want to get done. If you’ve never delivered something by yourself,

you’ll need the time to figure out details and how to complete the job. With most truck rentals, you get charged more the longer you have the truck. With Herculeze, you’ll pick the bid and driver you prefer. It won’t be determined on how long the job lasts, unlike how truck rentals work.

Time is costly when using a truck rental service but do you know what else will cost you? Gas. Truck rentals require you to fuel up after you finish your project, which can add onto your bill. With Herculeze, you don’t have to worry about finding the lowest gas price while being within your time limit. Simply hire a driver, pay a one-time cost and you are worry free!

Another inconvenience with truck rentals? You have to be at least 21, and have proof of your driver’s license and car insurance. What if you’re in a tough spot financially and you’re still waiting for enough money to purchase car insurance? New drivers who want to rent a truck and don’t have their own name on their car insurance will also struggle. Worry less about these requirements and post your job through Herculeze.com. We are your on-demand delivery marketplace!




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