What to Know Before Moving: Recommended Tips & Materials

Moving can be scary, yet exciting, and everything in between. It is one of the most daunting tasks and requires a lot of strenuous work from everyone involved. With the right guidelines and tools, moving can be made easier so Herculeze is here to help. 

4 Recommended Tips

  1. Designate Time (A LOT OF TIME)

Before starting to move, you should designate time to organize, pack and move. It is recommended to set aside an amount of time that is twice as long as what you expect the task to take. For example, if you think something will take an hour then set aside two hours so you are not limited on time to complete that task. 

  1. Stay Organized

Moving can be made much easier by staying organized. This can mean keeping a schedule of when things should be done, delegating responsibilities to others, using suitcases, bins and boxes to pack up items, and labeling boxes throughout the process. By staying organized, you feel a lot better about the progress you’re making in the moving process and unpacking will be made easier because you know where things are. 

  1. Get Rid of Junk

It is so important to get rid of everything you will not need when you are moved in to your new location. Removing clutter and junk makes moving a lot less stressful. Also, you have the opportunity to sell your old things to someone else and put the money towards moving expenses. 

  1. Say Goodbye & Explore Before You Move 

Well, moving means it’s out with the old and in with the new. All of the familiar faces and places from your old neighborhood won’t be so familiar anymore, and it is necessary to explore your new neighborhood and create new habits. For example, find a grocery store, a yummy ice cream shop, and a great pizza place. By doing so, you will be more excited to move locations knowing that you have things to do once you get there. 

4 Recommended Materials

1. Zip ties 

These can be extremely useful when it comes to keeping your items in place in the moving truck or any other type of transportation. They ensure that your boxes and other things won’t slide around, bump into each other, or break in the process. 

2. Furniture Sliders

Furniture sliders are another helpful recommendation to use in moving that many people forget about. These simple tools can make moving your large furniture much easier because you can slide it instead of requiring multiple people to lift it. 

3. Boxes & Bins

This is pretty self explanatory, but boxes and bins are the best tool in packing up your items while saving room in the moving truck. Boxes and bins are always the way to go, regardless of what the item is unless its a large piece of furniture. 

4. Moving Blankets 

Finally, the last thing that makes moving a whole lot easier is a moving blanket. These serve as a safety barrier for your large appliances and pieces of furniture so that they aren’t scratched or damaged in the moving process.

How Herculeze Can Help:

Herculeze is an on-demand delivery marketplace where customers can connect with third party drivers in an instant just by following five easy steps. These vetted drivers can transport your items when you are moving so that the process is easier and cheaper. Herculeze ensures that our customers get the best price by using a reverse auction where drivers will bid against each other on a job in the hopes that their lower price will win the job. If you are looking for help during the moving process, then check out the Herculeze website and let Herculeze haul what you can’t.

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