Why People Love the On-Demand Marketplace

Herculeze began as a simple idea; to help people bring home large or heavy items that they would not be able to themselves. This idea brings freelance drivers who have the muscle and truck to people who need stuff moved.

Reasons to love the marketplace

Using the on-demand peer-to-peer marketplace is easy- the platform is simple, use the service on your time, no worries of hidden fees, the pricing is competitive, and the delivery gets done fast. It is free to post a job to see the pricing as well. The freelance drivers bid for your job, they do not have a set price per job, per time, or per distance like many moving companies do. The platform is made to be as efficient and easy as possible.

It is the Uber of big stuff

Herculeze has Uberized the world for hauling large or heavy items. It is not a typical moving company. Instead Herculeze connects people who need things picked up and delivered to another location to people with a truck and muscle. Like Uber, you tell the driver where and when to be picked up. Herculeze has done just that for your large items. The job can, also, be done the same day it is posted.

So Convenient

Everything is done on the Herculeze site. No need to call or schedule based on a moving company’s availability. The job will be done on your time. You set the day and location. There is no calling around for quotes. Post the job on our site and let the drivers come to you. When you find a driver that bid a price you are willing to pay, just accept their offer and let them handle the delivery. The cost will be taken out of your account, there is no need to worry about payment as a job is being done. Herculeze takes the stress out of hauling your large or heavy items.

A more recent addition to the site is the option to insure your items during the delivery. The drivers understand that your items are loved and valued. They take care of every item that is being delivered. But if you are feeling unsure or worried about any issue that might arise, there is an option to insure the item just in case. it can put your fears to rest and let you get back to worrying about other things you need to get done. Just another way Herculeze is helping get your items hauled with as little stress and worry as possible.

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