Your local on-demand delivery service for college move-in day!

Written by: Rachel Spelich

Edited by: Heather Marra

We understand moving into your dorm can be a stressful process, especially when you have to juggle delivering a futon, microwave, mini fridge and more into a small space.


Take the time to organize your move-in day so you and your parents aren’t sweating, stressed out and forced to climb stairs. Leave the delivery aspect to the professionals, the Herculeze drivers.



“I go to Michigan State and, of course, I live on campus. A lot of my friends paid a good amount of money for special truck rentals, which can get messy. A girl I knew actually was driving to MSU and her U-Haul attachment fell off from her dad’s car.”

 -Customer Testimonial


We agree this is stressful for a big day, right?

If you’re still not convinced by that horror story, check out this blog post which details why truck rentals can be a hassle. Hiring a Herculeze driver cuts out a good amount of stress on that really important day for parents and students alike.

Moving companies are also going to be pricier at dorms considering they charge a flat rate for one box. With Herculeze, if we can fit it in a pick-up truck, we can help you deliver it. You’re getting multiple items delivered at one cost. Doesn’t sound like a bad deal when you put it in perspective, right?



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